“This wasn’t the first preschool we tried with our daughter, but when we found this gem, it was meant to be! The combination of a gentle, compassionate teacher with the nature infused Montessori style of learning was exactly the perfect fit for our family. Our daughter wishes ever day was a school day, and with a school like Living Roots, I don’t blame her! So grateful!” (Amanda J.)

“Living Roots offers a well balanced, nurturing program that has done tremendous good for our child. When I leave him I know he is getting plenty of nature time, exploration, free play, the right kind of socializing, music, new skills learning, personal attention and care. He is very happy and we are happy too knowing he is growing in the right environment, shaping him into a well balanced young man.” (Lora C.)

"We are on our third preschool and have visited many others. I can positively say that this is the best preschool experience we have had. Anne has put great care into creating a stimulating, fun and beautiful environment for children. She makes a point of connecting with each and every child. My daughter is already learning and growing so much. The schedule is very well rounded; lots of outdoor time, Spanish, music, Yoga and a very well appointed Montessori classroom. Her mother Julie has 30 years of child care experience and is often at the school helping as well. My daughter really seems to love both of them. There is no one I'd rather my daughter spend these important years with than Miss Anne " (Kim H.)

“We wholeheartedly feel that Living Roots is the best preschool and we are so grateful that our daughter was able to attend for two years.  Miss Anne created an incredible program that includes gardening, yoga, a huge outdoor play area, a beautifully appointed classroom and so much more. Our daughter loves going to school every day and we are thrilled with how she has grown with Living Roots.  Miss Anne is an amazing educator and has taught our daughter so much about compassion, nature, love and kindness.  She really connects with all of the children and helps them to fulfill their maximum potential.  Thank you Living Roots for providing such a special place for our daughter to attend!” (Lindsey A.)

"Living Roots is the absolute best! As soon as you walk through the rainbow gate, you've entered a little haven for your children. Miss Anne delivers the Montessori environment in such a beautiful way. Our children are always telling us stories about what they're learning, and what they're singing at music time. All of the teachers are so attentive and loving with the children, and they plan engaging and fun activities each day. The children all work and play together in such a creative and joyful way. You can see their confidence and independence growing each week. I am truly thankful we found Miss Anne and her amazing preschool." (Katharine P.)

"I could not have dreamed for a better preschool for my son to begin his first time out of our family nest.Miss Anne is loving, calm,  even-keeled, very structured while being fair and kind, very centered. The kids do new creative activities all the time. The day schudele is well structured but at the same time the kids have a good amount of time outside and in contact with nature via gardening and other outside activities. The school playground is so fun, with grass, sand, trees, climbing structures, slides, swings... The school experience for my son starting his 3rd year has been peaceful. He was able to not only learn crucial motor skills but he has developed the love of learning. His curiosity and desire for discovery and understanding is ever stronger. I saw him bloom and socially mature in front of my eyes. I know he is ready to enter, with self confidence, kindergarten next year. I believe pre-school is a key time for our kids because it will be forever their first school experience. My husband and I will be forever thankful for the creation and leadership of Miss Anne. She has natural talents and you can tell by her patience and kindness she has found her passion." (Marie-Laure W.)

"5 stars do not even begin to describe how amazing Living Roots is! My daughter has just completed three years and we will miss it terribly as we transition to kindergarten. The love, support, creativity, kindness, nourishment, and community we have experienced will travel with us always, especially with my daughter. Miss Anne is blessed with true patience, love, and light which overflows to these little children. I cannot recommend Living Roots enough. It has been the best "home away from home" for my daughter over the past few years." (Megan B.)