About Us

  • ​​​AMI Certified Montessori Primary Teacher

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

  • 10 years experience working with preschoolers

  • Courses taken in Redirecting Children's Behavior, Behavior and Guidance, Curriculum Development, Child Growth and Development, etc.

Miss Anne (Founder & Teacher)

I have always loved working with children and sharing in their state of wonder and excitement about the world. Growing up in rural Virginia, I experienced the joy of being in nature and developed a love for outdoor exploration and gardening. My vision for Living Roots Preschool is to provide a place for children to experience that sense of wonder and exploration outdoors, as well as a love for learning, growing, and caring for themselves, others, and our world.


As an AMI Certified Primary Montessori Teacher, I incorporate Montessori Methods and materials as well as focus on free play, art, character development, social skills, music and movement.


After working in multiple other preschools in the Encinitas area, I felt inspired and motivated to start my own, personalized program. A small class size allows me to connect with each child on an individual level every day. That level of individualized attention makes it possible for me to truly get to know each child and observe their growth, interests, challenges, and the areas in which they need more support or guidance.

  • CPR and First Aid Certified

  • 12+ years working with preschoolers

Miss Molly (Teacher)

Molly is an educator and working artist with over a decade of experience working with preschoolers in San Diego Unified’s Early Childhood Education Program. She is passionate about making a child’s introduction to school a positive, confidence building experience where relationships are built, respect is modeled, interests are discovered, the environment is explored, and creativity is stimulated.


Molly’s philosophy about early childhood education is that it is an educator’s responsibility to create a safe, encouraging environment in which a child can thrive, resulting in a positive association with school that will last their entire academic career. If, at the same time, we focus on each child’s social/emotional growth and promote their sense of independence, then we will have succeeded in sending forth kind and confident young people into the world (to the benefit of all). 


When Molly is not teaching, she can be found writing, performing, and building puppets.

Miss Julie (Substitute Teacher)

Miss Julie is an AMI-certified Montessori Teacher with over 11 years' experience. In addition, she has 3 children (including me!).


In 1990 she and my dad started Resources for Educators Inc. They published many parenting newsletters, including The Early Years, Home & School Connection, Reading Connection, The Middle Years, and High School Years. 


Miss Julie joins us for story telling, special projects, and serves as a substitute teacher when needed. We are fortunate to have her expertise as part of our program. She enjoys being with the children and guiding them (in a grandmotherly way) to the many interesting, educational, and fun Montessori materials we have at school.